Sweet Charlie Boutique

Fanciful Frocks for Everyday Wear

Sweet Charlie Boutique and Sweet Charlotte Clothing has been a labor of love from the start. In 2011 we were blessed with the birth of our daughter, Charlotte. Deciding to leave my job in the city, to spend more time raising Charlotte, I was feeling a little restless. Three months later, The Diaper Connection opened, selling children's cloth diapering supplies. Things took off from there. Within the year, Sweet Charlotte Clothing brand was created. Combining classic styles with soft fabrics, and everything in-between, Sweet Charlotte soon became a town favorite. 

We have so many people who have supported us in this endeavor. Numerous family members spent countless hours sewing labels, packing boxes, and folding garments...until the wee hours of the morning. Nearly every person in my family has been stuck listening to me ramble on and on about our new season, what fabrics we will use etc. Patience, love, and a willing ear have truly helped us grow. While we are still a very small company, we have strengthened so many aspects of our brand including quality, logistics, and sizing, over the past four years. We are SURE you will love your Sweet Charlotte purchase as much as we loved thinking, designing, and creating it, for your daughter.